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Central Heating

Central Heating

Whether it’s gas or electric, having a central heating system will always be more efficient than having standalone heaters. Under a Government grant, if you qualify, we can install a full system including pipes, boiler and ventilation potentially fully funded.

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Boiler Grants

During those winter months, it's important to make sure that your heating is energy-efficient to provide you with the most warmth possible without it being lost. Whether it's servicing an existing boiler or you want to replace an old system, we can help you out.

Electric Storage Heater

If you have no heating, or inefficient electric storage heaters or plug in heaters you will be able to upgrade to high heat retention storage heaters and Solar PV.

Air Source Heat Pump

Air-Source Heat Pumps are a new type of modern, electric central heating system. We'll discuss what they are, how they're installed, what the grant would provide and whether you're eligible to have the work done now rather than waiting.

Solar Panel

Solar panels/solar PV are the perfect additional measure to an electric heating system, guaranteed to reduce your energy bills. We'll go over how solar panels work and whether they'll be suitable for your type of property.

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