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Air Source Heat Pump Grants

Air Source Heat Pump Grants

Air-Source Heat Pumps are a new type of modern, electric central heating system.

100% Fully Government Funded

Save on Energy Bills

Heat from the air, produced using green power

Reduces carbon emissions

More efficient than gas boilers

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What are Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air Source Heat Pumps are a renewable type of low carbon heating system that utilise air outside. They can be used as low as -15 degrees centigrade. When sucking in air, it compresses it, which generates heat providing warmth and hot water to a home.


As we move towards a 'greener' future to meet the UK's target of reaching 'Net Zero', meaning that we equalize our pollution by taking away as much as we produce.

What can I replace?

Replace oil, LPG or solid fuel boilers, electric heating and plug in heaters.

How is it installed?

The heat pump unit is placed next to an external wall and fitted to the ground. Pipes are installed which carry hot water through them. New radiators and pipework is installed with a water cylinder.

How much will it save?

Air source heat pumps work on electricity and for every kilowatt of power used, around 3 kilowatts of heat is produced. More efficiency is provided when installed with Solar PV, which will reduce your electricity bill by up to £750 per year.

Do I Qualify for a Grant?

Someone living in the property must be in receipt of a qualifying benefit

Have a combined household income of £31,000 or less.

Be an owner occupier or be a tenant renting off a private landlord.

Have an EPC of band E, F or G.

No EPC or not sure, we can complete one without charge.


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We Can Help You Stay Warm

Air Source Heat Pump FAQ

Are ASHPs loud?
Air-Source Heat Pumps are much quieter in hotter weather as they don't need to work as hard to draw in hot air. They emit the same level of noise as a fridge. During the winter months, they may be a bit louder but not enough to put you off.
How is the heating distributed in the house?
Heating is distributed around the house in pipes. You can utilise your already existing pipework and radiators meaning you don't need any more put in (normally).
Do I need anything else with an ASHP?
Besides the unit, you’ll need the pipework (which can utilize your existing pipe network) and you’ll also need a hot water tank to store hot water.
Why should I bother getting an ASHP?
With the UK transitioning to more energy efficient systems, attempting to use less fossil fuels and save energy. It’s only a matter of time before everyone will have a system like this.
Do I need planning permission?
You may do if you want it installing within 3m of the boundary in Wales and 1m in Scotland or if you are in a conservation area. We can help with this and apply on your behalf. We complete this at no charge.
Are oil boilers going to be banned?
There are plans by the government to ban oil boilers by 2026 however as yet nothing has been decided.

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