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Electric Storage Heater Grants

Electric Storage Heater Grants

If you have no heating, or inefficient electric storage heaters or plug in heaters you will be able to upgrade to high heat retention storage heaters and Solar PV.

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What are Electric Storage Heaters?

Storage heaters heat up during the night time on an Economy 7 or 10 meter. This type of meter means that the electric that is drawn from the grid is cheaper as their electric demand isn’t as high.

Throughout the morning and the rest of the day, the heat which is built up in the ceramic bricks in the storage heaters is released slowly.

We can take out your inefficient electric storage heaters or plug in wall heaters and replace them with efficient high heat retention storage heaters and Solar PV, which could reduce your electricity bill by up to £750.

What's the difference between ESH and HHR ESH?

High heat retention electric storage heaters are far more efficient and have a mains supply to top them up if the overnight heat generated is exhausted in the day.

Why not fit an Air Source Heat Pump?

There may be instances where there is no room in your property for an Air Source Heat Pump or your property is listed or in a conservation area, or simply you do not want internal pipework.

Electric or Gas?

If you have a gas meter fitted to the property before the 1st March 2022 you shall be able to upgrade to an efficient gas central heating system.

What's the process and how long will it take?

Following an energy assessment and survey, installation will take approximately 2 days for the solar PV and 3 days for the high heat retention electric storage heaters.

Do I Qualify for a Grant?

Someone living in the property must be in receipt of a qualifying benefit

Have a combined household income of £31,000 or less.

Be an owner occupier or be a tenant renting off a private landlord.

Have an EPC of band E, F or G.

No EPC or not sure, we can complete one without charge.


We Can Help You
Stay Warm

We Can Help You Stay Warm

Electric Storage Heaters FAQ

Will you remove the old heaters?
Yes we will take them away.
Will you do heat loss calculation?
Yes we will ensure enough and the correct size of electric storage heaters are filled to keep you warm.
Can I control the heat?
Yes all high heat retention heater comes with controls.

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