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Solar Panel Grants

Solar Panel Grants

Solar panels/solar PV are the perfect additional measure to an electric heating system, guaranteed to reduce your energy bills.

100% Fully Government Funded

Save on Energy Bills

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What is Solar PV

Solar photovoltaics (solar PV) is an effective addition to a new and efficient electric heating system. A system such as an air source heat pump or high heat retention storage heaters can become more efficient with the addition of solar panels.

How does it work?

Solar PV panels have a top layer of conductive silicon. When light hits the panel, a flow of electricity is created. This power is inverted from DC to AC which can then be used in the home to power the home and its electric appliances. It will save you up to £750 on your electricity bill.

Do I Own the Panels?

Yes, the panels will be yours and also any feed in tariff you can claim from your energy provider.

How long will it take?

We will need to complete a survey, after which we will design the array of the panels, to fit your roof. We will determine the output by the orientation and the gradient of the roof and potential shading areas. We will contact your network provider for acceptance which is a formality and issue you with a MCS information pack and certification. The scaffolding will go up in a half day with a half day for installing the panels and a day to wire it up, additional consumer unit space is provided free of charge.

Do I Qualify for a Grant?

Someone living in the property must be in receipt of a qualifying benefit

Have a combined household income of £31,000 or less.

Be an owner occupier or be a tenant renting off a private landlord.

Have an EPC of band E, F or G.

No EPC or not sure, we can complete one without charge.


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We Can Help You Stay Warm

Solar panel FAQ

Is Solar right for my home?
Solar would benefit any kind of home that is on an electric heating system. On Government funding, these need to be on a pitched roof. It doesn't matter which way the roof is facing, it will still reduce your bills.
How are the panels installed?
After a full technical survey of how effective the panels will be and what the placement will be like, we’ll put up non-intrusive scaffolding to install the panels. As part of the process, we’ll install an inverter in the loft and take the supply to your consumer unit.
How much electricity will I generate?
We would need to survey your property to determine generation. Size of system, roof orientation, pitch, shading and location in the country will all have a factor on the generation.
What brand of panels do you use?
We use main brands like Longi and JA all come with an efficiency guarantee.
How do you determine what size panels to use?
To determine the size of the panels used, we will conduct a retrofit assessment to see how many and what size the panels need to be to fit the size of the property and to ensure that the system is as efficient as possible.
How much money can I save?
While it’s incredibly difficult to determine exact savings based on the number of factors, once we have performed a survey on your property, we should be able to give you a better estimate.

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